7 - python jail

You are surrounded by zombies. You heard there's a safe house nearby, but climbing fences is hard with a beer belly. Thank god, there's another surviver over there. "Hey! Help me!", you shout. He just laughs and shakes you off the fence. Asshole. Later, you see his dead body lying in front of a high security door secured by automated weapons. Heh... karma is a bitch. But that means you'll have to find another way in. In this nerd area, all the doors are secured with stupid computer puzzles. So, what the heck. Better try this one: chal.py ctf.fluxfingers.net tcp/1237 Hint: You'll find the entrance in "./key" Notes: This challenge is a tribute to PHDays Finals 2012 challenge 'ndevice'. Thanks again, I had fun solving it. I'm fairly certain that this challenge avoids being exploitable by the tricks we could use in PHDays (the module "os" was imported...). So, no advantage for people who did not attend PHDays.

credits: 200 +3 (1st), +2 (2nd), +1 (3rd)