8 - not a Zombie

Survivors, some of our most talented scientists uncovered a major Zombie vulnerability. They don't like alcohol! Each survivor group that wants to be in our team has to prove their humanity. - Find a can/bottle of beer (0.5 liter and between 4.5 and 5.5 % alcohol) - Show us your team name and the actual date - Drink the whole beer as fast as you can - Turn around the can/bottle so we can see it is empty - Optionally: present us your favorite Zombie-slayer outfit including a weapon As long as we are not sure that you are not infected, we will not open the door to our fortress. Please make a video, upload it to youtube and send us the link (per mail/IRC/what ever). One person per team is enough. Scoring: Depending on the time you need to drink the beer, you are assigned to different groups. The scoring will be: 100 - (seconds you need to drink the whole beer) + Up to 20 extra points for creative outfits and weapons. + As girls are rare these days, women or long-haired guys get 3 extra points. Hint: You can take several attempts - best one will count!

credits: manually evaluated - no time bonus.